Thursday, July 10, 2008

Max Boot: Now Even Crazier Than Before!

If you thought Max Boot couldn't get any more delusional, you were wrong. Boot writes:

How concerned should we be about demands emanating from the Maliki government for a withdrawal timetable for U.S. troops? Unless something changes dramatically, the answer I would give is: not very. ... [T]hey are blustering about the need to withdraw U.S. troops—eventually. But note that, unlike Barack Obama, they are not attaching any timelines to this withdrawal.
Max, put down the crazy pills. The article that Boot himself links to directly contradicts him:
Iraq's national security adviser said Tuesday that his government would not sign an agreement governing the future role of U.S. troops in Iraq unless it includes a timetable for their withdrawal. ... "We would not accept any memorandum of understanding with [the U.S.] side that has no obvious and specific dates for the foreign troops' withdrawal from Iraq," [National Security Adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie] said.
On what planet is that "not attaching any timelines to [the] withdrawal"? The only thing that won't satisfy the Iraqi government's demand for "specific dates for the [U.S.] troops' withdrawal" is an agreement that doesn't "attach[] any timelines to [the] withdrawal." I guess when literally all your foreign policy positions have been proven disastrously wrong, you have to resort to making stuff up.