Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Impressions

I can't resist pointing this out. It's too perfect. Here's me, right after the press confirmed that Palin was the VP pick:

[W]ith Palin, there's [a] danger that the press quickly settles on a "too inexperienced to be president" narrative, and spends the next few days talking about what a bad choice McCain made. I think a good deal of the time the media spend talking about Palin in the next few days will, in fact, be dedicated to laughing at the Palin pick and discussing why McCain made such a poor decision.
Here's Jim Lindgren, earlier tonight:
Watching both MSNBC and CNBC today, I have been surprised how quickly the press has moved from "Who is Sarah Palin?" — or even "Is Sarah Palin a good choice?" — to "How exactly did John McCain screw up by picking Sarah Palin?"
Of course, I didn't think the narrative would necessarily be so focused on what a poor job McCain did in the vetting process. I thought the narrative would be dominated by what a bad decision McCain made in picking such a wildly inexperienced VP candidate — there's been quite a bit of that, but it has shared the spotlight with the stories about Palin's various scandals/contradictions and the McCain campaign's atrocious vetting. Still, it's nice when your initial reaction to an unexpected event turns out to be accurate.



Second impressions

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