From an FT story on the DoJ investigation of CDS pricing:

In recent weeks, for example, rumours have circulated that last year some large dealers manipulated the price of derivatives linked to mortgages and corporate bonds – by “leaning on” prices, to use trading jargon – to hurt rival banks or hedge fund groups. “Some of the stuff that has been happening on the trading desks has been pretty dirty,” says one banker who used to hold a senior position at a large dealer. There is little evidence that those tales are grounded in truth, or directly linked to the current probe by the DoJ.
If the rumors aren't true, then why print one? Especially one about "stuff" happening on unspecified "trading desks"? Rumors on Wall Street are rarely true. I'm less and less impressed with Gillian Tett.


Anonymous said...

Gillian Tett in late 2007 didnt seem to know the distinction of assets and liabilities on a balance sheet , and seemed to be confused by the fact that loans were assets, or generally one persons liabilities are the others assets. Just read , if you care, her articles about the Super SIV( rememebr that?). You couldnt make heads or tails of it.
And now she is a reference on the financial crisis!!!

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