Monday, January 25, 2010


Remember when the New York Times was casually referring to Paul Volcker as a "foot-dragger on bank deregulation"?

My how times have changed.


Anonymous said...

OT - There are two guys on the internet who I think have tremendous insight into current financial issues: EoC and David Fiderer. Today Fiderer posted an article on the Huffington Post in which he argues that GS colluded with Pauson to do a backdoor bailout:

For people who have long since given up on reading the Huffington Post on financial issues because of their insipid, factually distorted ravings, Fiderer is not like the others who post articles there - very reasoned arguments are his norm.

I have always agreed with EoC's contention that there was no backdoor bailout, so I am curious if he has read Fiderer's article. I hope he has and I hope he responds.

Anonymous said...

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