Bob Herbert offers Obama some truly laughable political advice:

"The way for a candidate to eventually change the subject is to offer policy prescriptions so creative and compelling that they generate excitement among the electorate and can’t be ignored by the press."
There's a widely-held belief among political consultants in DC that most columnists at the major national newspapers are desperate to be considered political experts. The partners in the consulting firm I worked for always said this somewhat jokingly, but I knew many people at other consulting firms who were dead serious. (My firm didn't handle any really high-profile campaigns in the 2 election cycles I was there, so we didn't have a lot of contact with columnists at the major national newspapers.) Some columnists try relentlessly to informally "advise" candidates (and the party) on campaign strategy. By far the two most mocked columnists in this regard were George Will and Joe Klein, who would apparently all but beg high-profile candidates to hire him. Bob Herbert -- who has long held the title of Most Politically Naive Columnist -- has lately seemed a bit desperate to be an informal adviser to Obama. Herbert has clearly confused American voters with someone else if he thinks a majority of voters will get so "excited" over policy proposals that they'll force the press into writing about them. Columnists like Herbert live in a make-believe world where everyone votes based on the candidates' substantive policy positions, and everyone spends every minute of every day talking about the "big issues" (by which Herbert really just means the issues that matter to him the most). Thank god Obama isn't stupid enough listen to Herbert.


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