Friday, September 26, 2008

Adam Putnam, Please Stop Talking

Either Adam Putnam has been in a coma for the past few weeks, or he's a first-rate idiot:

One of the top party leaders in the House, Republican Conference Chairman Adam H. Putnam of Florida, charged that the administration has been following an “ad hoc strategy” that it hasn’t explained to the public or even to lawmakers. “In the last several weeks there have been ample opportunities for them to share with Congress their strategy and their thinking,” he said.
Sure, because all Paulson and Bernanke have had to do in the past few weeks is rescue Fannie and Freddie twice (including a nationalization the second time around), coordinate a frantic search for a buyer for Lehman, oversee Lehman's bankruptcy, help save Merrill Lynch by strong-arming BofA into buying Merrill at the last minute, put together a bailout package for the largest insurance company in America (AIG), stop a potentially devastating run on money market accounts, and negotiate the largest government bailout in the U.S. since the Great Depression. When, exactly, does Putnam think Paulson and Bernanke had all these opportunities to come chat with Congressmen?



Talk a good game.

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