ECB official Lorenzo Bini Smaghi responded to Paul Krugman's recent contention that Europe's response to the financial crisis has been inadequate. One of Smaghi's arguments, though, unfairly places all the blame for allowing Lehman to fail on the US:

[Krugman's argument] doesn’t explain how the most fateful decision of all – the decision to allow a systemically important bank to fail in the midst of a financial crisis – was taken by a single decision-maker, while the 16 euro area governments have managed to avoid making such a large mistake.
Whoa, let's remember what actually happened. The Fed and the Treasury successfully brokered a private-sector rescue for Lehman, in which Barclays would buy all of Lehman except for $40 billion of commercial real estate assets, which would be acquired by a consortium of major banks. Since Barclays is a British bank, the deal required approval from the UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA). On Sunday morning, though, the FSA unexpectedly rejected the deal.


Donald Pretari said...

Here's a little more on that from Bloomberg on Nov. 10th:

"Barclays Deal

One of the attendees, Merrill CEO John A. Thain, 53, took stock of his own company's best interests and initiated merger talks with Bank of America. Lewis had concluded on Friday that he couldn't do a deal with Lehman without government backing, which he thought would be forthcoming. After Paulson made it clear to Lewis that a government role wasn't in the cards, the Bank of America CEO pulled his team out of the Lehman talks.

That left only Barclays, since Nomura told Lehman it was unable to move fast enough. Fuld, who rarely left his office that weekend -- working the phones, fielding calls from deputies, talking to Barclays executives -- thought he had a deal Saturday night. Barclays was willing to buy Lehman for about $5 a share if it could leave behind the most troublesome assets, the ones Lehman had proposed spinning off into a separate company as well as some others Barclays didn't want.

Sunday morning brought a false dawn. Geithner and Paulson had talked a syndicate of banks into backstopping the creation of a new entity that would take over $55 billion to $60 billion of Lehman's problem assets, according to people with knowledge of the negotiations.

No Lifeline

Everyone was basking in what seemed a done deal until word came at 11:30 a.m. in New York that the U.K.'s FSA, which regulates that country's banks, refused to waive normal shareholder-approval requirements or to allow Barclays to guarantee Lehman's debts until obtaining that approval. The reason, people familiar with the decision say, was that Barclays lacked sufficient capital to absorb Lehman.

``The only reason it didn't happen,'' Leigh Bruce, a Barclays spokesman said today, ``is that there was no guarantee from the U.S. government, and a technical stock-exchange rule required prior shareholder approval for us to make a similar guarantee ourselves. We didn't have that approval, so it wasn't possible for us to do the deal. No U.K. bank could have done it. It was a technical rule that could not be overcome.''

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