I'm once again a finance lawyer. I had taken a break from all finance-related law, and spent two years on the beach, but Lehman's failure put an end to that gravy train. I used to specialize in derivatives and structured finance (you know, back when there was a structured finance market).

I seem to spend most of my time in airports though. Especially LaGuardia. Which was fine until a plane leaving LaGuardia crash-landed in the Hudson. Now I keep a keen eye out for birds during takeoff, and I freak out a little every time we hit turbulence.

When I'm not fearing for my life or billing hours to financial institutions of questionable solvency, I like to write about financial markets, politics, economic policy, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I have an M.A. in Economics, which is why I enjoy academic economics (and the disputes therein).

I also worked on Capitol Hill — House side (Democratic) — back when I was young and foolish, and thought I knew everything.

I'm happily married, and we have an exceptionally wise dog named Jake.

I chose "Economics of Contempt" as a title because a judge once told me after a trial very early in my career that he would have held a particularly, um, "outspoken" client of mine in contempt, but he was afraid that I'd write "a 40-page brief on the economics of contempt" that he'd have to slog through in the morning. I'm still not sure if that was a compliment.

(When I told my wife that I had chosen the title "Economics of Contempt," she said that "Economics of Dorkiness" would be more accurate. She's probably right.)

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