These are the blogs that....well, I would read every day, if I had that kind of time. Which I don't. By a long shot.

Accrued Interest

Across the Curve
Alea — Indispensable aggregator, especially on Twitter
Angry Bear
Betting the Business — OTC derivatives from end-users' perspective, by MIT's John Parsons & Wisconsin's Antonio Mello
Big Picture
Bill Easterly
Brad DeLong
Calculated Risk
Capital Gains and Games
CBO Director — Because the CBO runs your life, even if you don't know it.
The Conglomerate
Dani Rodrik — I've followed Rodrick's research since grad school; simply one of the best economists alive.
David Dayen (FDL News)
D-Squared Digest
Economist's View
EconomPic Data — Sadly, Jake shut down his wonderful (and wonderfully unique) blog
Epicurean Dealmaker — A wise, clever i-banker. (No, really)
Ezra Klein
Felix Salmon
Free Exchange
FT Alphaville
Greg Mankiw
HLS Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation
Jeff Frankels
Keith Hennessy
Kevin Drum
Kid Dynamite — A fellow veteran of the Street; KD's knowledge of market mechanics is unparalleled in the blogosphere
Marginal Revolution
Matt Yglesias
Megan McArdle
Moody's - Dismal Scientist Blog
Naked Capitalism
New Deal 2.0
NYT - Economix
Paul Kedrosky
Paul Krugman
Political Wire — Tremendous political aggregator
Richard Green's Real Estate and Urban Economics Blog
Robert Reich
Robert Waldmann
Rortybomb (Mike Konczal)
Ryan Avent
Sober Look — Sadly no longer active; used to be one of the best financial blogs on the web, and still a great resource
Synthetic Assets
Talking Points Memo
The Atlantic - Business
Volokh Conspiracy
WaPo - The Fix
Will Wilkinson
WSJ - Deal Journal
WSJ - Real Time Economics